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    Five Rings Academy is an online startup school and immersive in-person training academy that takes daring creators from from idea to elite founder.

    The Way Of Undefeatable Mastery

    The ultimate dream of becoming a remarkable entrepreneur must start with first mastering oneself as a remarkable human being. Walk this journey with us as we equip you with the system, mindset, resources and imperative skillsets to fulfil your destiny.

    Ultimate Greatness In Ones Service And Potential

    The culture at Five Rings is one of passion for values grounded in ancient and timeless wisdom. The academy embraces a global perspective, one grounded in self respect, shared respect, intelligent discipline, courage to face challenges and a willingness to overcome them. The unifying trait that ties our society together in friendship and solidarity is a passion and mission to leave this world in all ways better than we found it through our own work and protection.

    Lessons From Musashi. Among The Greatest Warriors & Philosophers Of All Time:

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      Emery Bishop, Chief Rebel

      Thank you for visiting.

      I want to personally welcome you to the Five Rings Academy. I’d really like to learn about you but perhaps it would be most polite to first share a little about myself and the vision behind the academy.

      I was once a child very confused with the state of the world I found myself in. I could never seem to quite fit in. Perhaps you can relate?

      I was a Canadian Air Force brat. My mother, sister and I followed my dad from Germany (where I was born) to different cities in Canada. I grew up loving to read and watch fantasy or sci fi epics. I really could never understand why unlike the stories I cherished, in the real world, so many things seemed either hopeless but meaningful or accepted and backwards. An example was parts of the world in deep poverty,  which to my astonishment. was widely considered unsolvable at scale and seemed to be a completely acceptable state of reality. A large percentage of humanity just have to suffer. So why did we build it this way?

      I was also instinctively skeptical about my schooling and I preferred to escape into my own education; a steady diet of books, comics, video games and flix where anything was possible, and good could defeat evil no matter the bloody odds. I barely scraped through high school and eventually moved out of my family home to Toronto to attempt college (soon dropping out) and the rest of grown up life. Fast forward. With lots of missteps I ultimately found my way to what I know call iconic entrepreneurship.

      Through the creation of businesses I can obsess about and manifest organizations to solve ‘unsolvable’ problems while adopting a continuous state of applied learning. And while learning the art of learning I came to the root of a problem…. among the biggest of problems as I see it… that being full circle – our system of education. Specifically. it is missing the very foundations for building a complete, purposeful, and legendary life in 2019. This became a large part of my personal mission.

      My broader mission is to advance humanity by helping to solve the worlds hardest problems. Supporting aspiring creators and visionaries through education is one of the best ways I believe we can accomplish this.

      There are important secrets I have learned and adopted that work if you wish to enter the matrix and become a game changer. Along with these success secrets I have plenty of war wounds, cautionary tales and spectacular fails to share, in the hopes of speeding up your own progress towards self-mastery and impact.

      But, I’m not just this academy’s first head instructor, I very much also have skin in the entrepreneurial game. You can learn about my own startup adventures at our full venture builder website here.

      Through this academy we are aiming to develop real life super heroes; those among us who are committed to living at our highest potential as human beings while building impact driven organizations that can dramatically improve civilization in some way. If you have a desire to support great change in the world and do epic things for your family, your community, you world and yourself then I hope we will have an opportunity to soon meet. Most importantly, I hope I will have an opportunity to serve you in these aims.

      Bending reality. Together.

      EXCLUSIVE Training Towards An Exceptional Level Five Life


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