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Five Rings Academy is an online startup school and immersive in-person training academy that take daring creators from from idea to elite founder.

The Way Of Undefeatable Mastery

The ultimate dream of becoming a remarkable entrepreneur must start with first mastering oneself as a remarkable human being. Walk this journey with us as we equip you with the system, mindset, resources and imperative skillsets to fulfil your destiny.

Ultimate Greatness In Ones Service And Potential

The culture at Five Rings is one of passion for values grounded in ancient and timeless wisdom. The academy embraces a global perspective, one grounded in self respect, shared respect, intelligent discipline, courage to face challenges and a willingness to overcome them. The unifying trait that ties our society together in friendship and solidarity is a passion and mission to leave this world in all ways better than we found it through our own work and protection.

Lessons From The Greatest Warrior Philosopher Of All Time:

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Emery Bishop, Chief Rebel & Founder

Hi, I’m Emery Bishop.

I love solving hard problems, building useful things, learning and teaching. I grew up obsessed with super heroes, computers and the Internet. The biggest problem I see in the world today is education, especially as it applies to entrepreneurship and leadership development. School systems and universities are outdated, expensive, slow, non-personalized and ineffective in several areas. They focus 100% on training people how to ‘qualify’ for a job, instead how to live a legendary life.

My mission is to advance humanity by helping to solve the worlds hardest problems and entrepreneurship is the hammer. Through Five Rings Academy we are training real life super heroes; those among us who are committed to building an impact driven business that will dramatically improve civilization.

Bending reality. Together. 

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